There will be a secret meeting between Kim Jong and Putin! A special train from North Korea to Russia

Kim Jong Un leaves for Russia from North Korea, the dictator is going to meet Vladimir Putin in his special train

Kim Jong Un leaves for Russia from North Korea, the dictator is going to meet Vladimir Putin in his special train
North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un left for Russia on Monday (September 11) to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Associated Press confirmed this quoting South Korean media. According to the report, the North Korean leader left for Russia in his special train. According to the report, there may be a discussion between Kim and the Russian President on North Korea giving arms to Russia in the Ukraine war.

According to the report, the North Korean train probably left Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, on Sunday evening. The report also claimed that a special meeting between Kim and Putin could be held on Tuesday. Yonhap news agency and some other media organizations also published similar news. Japan’s Kyodo news agency quoted Russian officials as saying that Kim is probably going to Russia in his private train. However, South Korea’s Presidential Office, Defense Ministry and National Intelligence Service have not yet confirmed this information.

American officials had claimed only last week.

It is noteworthy that last week American officials had claimed that a special meeting is being planned between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin, which will take place within this month. American officials have also claimed that there could be an arms deal between the two countries.

Will Kim Jong meet Putin on Tuesday?

Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported that Kim Jong will probably take a train to Russia. US intelligence officials had said last week that Kim Jong Un and Putin could talk this month.

Russia-North Korea’s increased friendship

On August 30, National Security Council official John Kirby said that Russia and North Korea are in a debate over weapons as Putin seeks to expand his ‘war machine’.

The Ukraine war has led to various sanctions being imposed on Russia. This is why Russia is now buying weapons from North Korea. Last year, North Korea gave rockets and missiles to Russia.

John Kirby says that North Korea may ask for technology from Russia in exchange for arms sales. This can lead to serious consequences. Many sanctions have also been imposed on North Korea. Acquiring technology from Russia can increase its weapons arsenal.

Growing military friendship between the two

The military friendship between North Korea and Russia is continuously increasing. America claims that North Korea sent a lot of guns and ammunition to Russia in September 2022. Not only this, in January 2023, North Korea gave rockets and missiles to Russian President Putin’s private army, i.e. Wagner Group. The US also posted a satellite image on the border between Russia and North Korea, which appeared to show a train carrying deadly weapons.

There can be a deal regarding weapons.

American officials claim that Russia is in dire need of weapons in the war with Ukraine, in such a situation it can make a deal with North Korea for weapons. On the other hand, North Korea has no shortage of bombs and guns. North Korea, which is facing sanctions from all over the world, is in need of money due to its economic crisis, in such a situation, the needs of both seem to be fulfilled by each other.

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