How to write a blog and earn money? Your Free Guide for 2024


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How to write a blog and earn money? Your Free Guide for 2024

This post is about blogging and money, where I get complete information about blogging and money at every step. Let me tell you that you can earn a lot of money by writing blogs on any blogging platform in the world.

In many previous posts, I have told you how to create a free blog, but you get the benefit of creating a blog only when you write a blog. Therefore today’s money post is only for blog and search.

Although it is quite easy to write a blog, where you write information about a topic in text, it is very difficult to rank in Google get traffic from it, and earn money.

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But this also does not mean that it is impossible or impossible to do. You can do it, but first, you have to understand the process of blogging. Only then can you write a good blog and work to earn money from it.

There are many processes behind writing a blog, which we know as blog SEO, because to rank your blog in Google, you have to do SEO of the blog post along with writing the blog, and more about it. You should get more information.

If you want to know how you can earn money online by writing a good blog, then read this article completely. In this, complete information about writing a blog is given, and how you can earn money by writing a blog on any platform. Let us know.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a type of website that is published and created on the Internet. If you know about a website, it is like a blog, in which you can earn money by writing information in text and sharing it.

Here website or blog may confuse some people because a blog is a type of blog, where most of the text is read, whereas a blog may be of a company selling products or services.

But blogs are created to earn money or share information. For example, whatever you search on Google, most of the results you get are blogs, by reading which you get the answer to a question.

Individual bloggers like us write our information and share it. In this post, you will learn a way to earn money by writing a blog.

On which topic should I make a blog?

If you want to write a blog then you will need a blog topic. This is the topic about which articles are written. The topic can be any. You can write a blog on the topic on which you have good knowledge.

Here everyone can learn about different topics; For example, someone knows a lot about computers, someone knows a lot about studies, someone knows a lot about cooking, and you can write a blog with all the information.

Here you should have knowledge of any topic and also be interested in writing, only then you can do the work of writing a blog, if you are interested in writing then you can choose any topic of your interest in which you are interested and also about it. If I have information, I can write a blog about you.

Here you have to choose a similar topic for writing a blog and also you have to do some research about that topic to ensure that the topic you are choosing is not very difficult because if it is a more difficult topic then you will be able to earn money by writing a blog. A problem will arise.

Due to the topic being difficult here, many people are not writing blogs, and hence should not choose it. By doing this your competition will increase and you will not be able to compete with it.

You have to choose some easy topics here so that you can easily rank your blog on Google without any need to read any additional conditions.

On which platform to write the blog?

You have to choose the topic and platform to write your blog. You can consider this platform as a place to write a blog in easy language, whatever you want.

You have many platforms to choose from for writing blogs on the internet, but you have to choose a good platform that gives you more ease in writing blogs without requiring any extra effort. and WordPress come first when it comes to earning money by writing blogs. offers free Blogger, which allows you to write a blog for free, and also free WordPress Pad, which allows you to create a blog by purchasing a domain and hosting.

Of these, WordPress’s Pad platform is the best. With the many features available in WordPress, you can write blogs more easily to earn money by writing blogs.

I just want to say here that to create your blog on WordPress, buy web hosting and a domain name and start writing on this platform. If you want to know more about blogging platforms then you can read some of these posts.

How to create a blog through mobile?

After choosing the topic and platform, you will have to create a blog. When you start blogging, you will have to create your blog on whatever platform you have chosen to create your blog.

Here, while creating a blog, you should keep one thing in mind you should create your blog according to the topic you have chosen. Your blog name, address, and URL should all be related to the topic. Only then will you get more benefits from writing a blog?

I will not tell you about creating a blog here because I have explained in detail about creating a blog on many platforms. You can create your blog by reading these posts.

Here I have told about creating a blog from mobile, but this is for those who do not have a laptop or computer; They can write a blog from mobile, and after reading this post, they can also create their own blog from mobile. I have explained how to create a blog from mobile on both WordPress and Blogger.

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