Gwen Stefani’s exclusive Super Bowl LVIII performance on TikTok is titled

Gwen Stefani’s exclusive Super Bowl LVIII performance on TikTok is titled “I Get to Brag to My Boys.

Gwen On game day, the NFL’s TikTok account will stream hours of live programming, including a musical performance by headlining Stefani.

This news still feels ridiculous, even to Gwen Stefani.

Gwen Before the big game on February 11, the NFL’s official TikTok account will stream a special concert featuring the three-time Grammy winner live from Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. This is the fourth annual TikTok Tailgate.

Stefani, who claims to be from a prominent sports family, is ecstatic about the chance.

With all the boys around me, including my husband, who plays football, it gets increasingly exciting. She laughs and says, “Guess what? It makes me feel very like that because it’s huge in my house.” “You want to brag, and I get to do it to my boys.

With her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, Stefani has three sons: Apollo, 9, Zuma, 15, and Kingston, 17. Since 2021, she has been married to Blake Shelton.

Stefani is excited about her performance because, in addition to having the opportunity to brag to Shelton and her children back home, she will also be contributing to the Super Bowl and its celebrations for millions of people worldwide.

Being the musical half of [this partnership] is a dream come true. This seems to be the new standard for hosting an event on TikTok, she remarks. “To be a part of the new way just makes me feel lucky. Being able to reach so many people will be awesome.

The “Hollaback Girl” singer is currently working hard behind the scenes to bring her vision to life in every way, from the outfits she will wear to the makeup she will apply.

Stefani For the performance professional, though, the longest aspect is the duration of the show. Stefani won’t be able to play them all because her discography has so many great songs.

Musically, I believe it’s always challenging because the actual set is only fifty minutes long, which means many songs must be omitted. This will be the most challenging part. It’s so much fun when you kind of edit yourself down, but I’m always trying to please people, so I’m just going to choose the ones I think they’ll like the best,” she says. “Alright, you like that one? How about this one? Just aim and shoot! It’s also a lot of fun.

With that, she continues with her set list, saying, “Fortunately, I have a lot of uptempo songs, so everyone there will be excited and the day will have great energy.” For me, it’s an amazing opportunity. It never grows stale.

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