what is dictatorship-what is dictatorship government

what is dictatorship

What is a dictatorship? What is a dictatorial government?

what is dictatorship

What is Dictatorship? Today we will learn about Dictatorship in this article. Friends, all of you would hardly know what dictatorship is or what is called dictatorship, so in this article, I am going to tell you what dictatorship is. You all should read this article. Read till the end about the dictatorship of Aur Jaane. We were given down to a dictatorship

What is a dictatorship?

Dictatorship is a type of government in which a single person or group controls the entire nation or state and makes all the rules and decisions in any social situation. Dictatorship is a government or social situation in which one person makes all the rules and decisions without consulting anyone else. In a dictatorship, the person or people in power are not held accountable under any kind of constitution or other constraints on what they can and cannot do. Dictators usually come to power through force, intimidation, and bribery. (Dictatorship means: a person who takes all the control, a political situation, a family, a classroom, even a camping expedition.) That is, this is what is called dictatorship in the common language.

What do you understand by dictatorship?

In dictatorship, we understand that if there is a dictatorship, then wherever we live, we have to do slavery towards that person or group who has dictatorial power, that is, we have to work under him. And the government has all the power.



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